Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vomitting case

A New Jersey man pleaded guilty to vomiting on another spectator and his daughters. This was not your average case of a fan gettign sick. This fan intentionally threw-up on the family. The 21-year-old pleaded guilty to assualt, disorderly conduct, and harassment. The incident occurred during a game between the Phillies and Nationals. The idiot stuck his fingers down his throat to intentionally throw up. He threw up and assualted an off-duty polcie captain and his two daughters after they compalined about his colleagues conduct and the colleague was ejected from teh stadium. The fan and his colleague were spilling beer, cursing, heckling, and enagging in inappropriate conduct before the colleague was ejected.

In this case the patron leader should have worked to remove both offenders to avoid potnetial retaliation. Another option would have been to move the family to a better location and to prevent retaliation.

Injury in the pit area

A race car went out of control at Big Daddy Speedbowl, went airborne and crashed into the pit area hitting two men and breaking some of their bones. The incident occurred on Monday May 24, 2010.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Phili Fan "Gone Wild"

From- Big League Stew- Yahoo Sports. Tue May 04, 2010 4:15 am EDT

Teen fan tasered by Phillies security after running onto field
By David Brown

It wasn't the voltage but the amps this young Philllies fan felt on Monday night in Philadelphia.

In the eighth inning of a Phillies-Cardinals game, a 17-year-old male hopped a fence at Citizens Bank Park. He fled security for a few seconds until a Philadelphia police officer fired a Taser gun at the boy from about 15-feet away, dropping him on the spot in left-center field.

The Philadelphia Inquirer spoke to this young man's dad on Tuesday morning and reports that the kid actually called his father to ask for permission before running on the field. The dad told him it wasn't the best of ideas — you think? — but the future Penn State student went ahead and did it anyway. He's being charged as a juvenile for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and defiant trespass.

"He wasn't drinking. He was not on drugs," the father said.

The Philadelphia police commissioner, meanwhile, is publicly supporting the officer's actions. But the Phillies say they want to talk about whether or not such force is necessary for future trespassers.,238457

I agree with tasering in such a circumstance. You never know if the person who jumps the security barrier is a kid trying to have fun, or someone trying to injure others. Remember the father son tandem who attacked a first base coach several years ago?